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Exclusive Liberty fabrics, spaghetti cords and bias.


Liberty Bio GOTS


Organic Liberty GOTS

Liberty goes organic with a collection of GOTS certified Tana Lawns®.

A selection of the most popular classic designs as well as the famous softness of Liberty's Tana Lawn® pure cotton batiste.

And take advantage of new printing processes and inks that have received the world renowned GOTS certification.

All of the Organic Liberty GOTS

Liberty Fabrics Bio GOTS Mitsi Pivoine

Mitsi Pivoine

Liberty Fabrics Bio GOTS Betsy Guimauve

Betsy Guimauve

Liberty Fabrics Bio GOTS Claire-Aude Roseraie

Claire-Aude Roseraie

Liberty Fabrics Bio GOTS Mamie Campanule

Mamie Campanule

Jupe Blue Crystal


Liberty Fabrics Betsy Fluo Lilas

Betsy Fluo Lilas

Liberty Fabrics Betsy Rose Buvard

Betsy Rose Buvard

Liberty Fabrics Wiltshire Lemon Curd

Wiltshire Lemon Curd

Liberty Fabrics Betsy Fluo Thé

Betsy Fluo Thé

Liberty Fabrics Wiltshire Jacinthe

Wiltshire Jacinthe

Liberty Fabrics Betsy Dragée

Betsy Dragée

Liberty Fabrics Betsy Denim

Besty Denim

Liberty Fabrics Wiltshire Porcelaine

Wiltshire Porcelaine

Biais and spaghetti cords made from Tana Lawn®

Stragier is the producer of Liberty biais bindings ans spaghetti cords. Manufacturer of several hundred of patterns and colours.

We have the widest variety of Liberty spaghetti cords and biais for you !

For necklaces, bracelets, straps, shoe lacing, ...

Spaghetti cords and biais

Biais Liberty Ultramarine

Margaret Annie Ultramarine

Biais Liberty Phoebe Anahi

Betsy Dragée

Cordon Liberty Mitsi Hibiscus

Mitsi Hibiscus

Cordon Liberty Thorpe Hill Orange Bleue

Thorpe Hill Orange Bleue

Our favorites

You love them, we do to !

They have that little extra something that makes them special: the harmony of the colours, the charm of the patterns, a delicate design that delights the creativity.

Here is a selection of our favorite Libertys. The ones that will make the hearts of romantic dressmakers beat faster.

All our favorites

Liberty Fabrics Felda Daffodils

Felda Daffodils

Liberty Fabrics Betsy Peach

Betsy Peach

Liberty Fabrics Felda Peach

Felda Peach

Liberty Fabrics Betsy Denim

Betsy Denim

Classic Tana Lawn's ®

Let yourself be charmed by the classic bouquet of these Liberty Tana Lawn's ® .

Their colours and patterns shine in the eyes of Liberty fans.
They have stood throughout time.
A fabric that no longer needs to be presented: as comfortable to wear as it is to sew, this fine 100% cotton batiste, soft, smooth and slightly silky, is a delight for seamstresses.

A timeless collection that will make you dream...

All the classic Liberty's

Jupe Thorpe Burnt


Wiltshire Pois de Senteur

Betsy P

Margaret Annie A

Capel G

ATLAS of DREAMS : the new spring/summer Tana Lawn's ®

A journey to the heart of a world made of dreams and memories.

The new spring/summer collection of Liberty 2021 is a travel dirary rythmed by landscapes and a sweet sense of nostlgia.
A series of postcards sent througout time, these new prints have an artistic, exotic, colourful and expressive vibe.

Plongez dans le nouveau paradis utopique Liberty.

All the new collection

Sea Blossom A

Hannah Rose A

Felda C

D'Anjo Coast A

Silk Felda A

Silk Jungle Trip C

Silk Jungle Trip A

Silk Edie Lane B

Tana Lawn's ® from the previous season

Every autumn and spring, Liberty offers us a new journey, a new dream, new inspirations.

To prolong the pleasure and enjoy it a little longer, discover these precious fabrics from the previous season.

A textile escapade named Liberty.

All previous season's Tana Lawn's

Anneliese Redoutée

Betsy Berry Bergamote

Cherry Drop Mirabelle

Betsy Berry Verveine

Liberty Jannah A


Vintage Tana Lawn's ®

A treasure chest of forgotten or rare Liberty Tana Lawn's ®.
Gems to rediscover or find.
A corner for adventurers and collectors.

Come and rediscover Liberty patterns.

All the exclusive Liberty's

Capel B

Betsy A

Eloise D

Proposal B

Liberty face covering masks

When creativity and innovation work together, safety and elegance are on familiar terms.

Discover the new reusable Liberty masks.

Composed of three specific layers ensuring comfort and breathability, they are designed by Liberty and manufactured in their famous floral prints.
The outer layer is made of Tana Lawn® cotton treated to be waterproof and breathable.
The middle layer is a filter that prevents the diffusion of droplets.
The inner layer is made of antibacterial and odourless cotton.

The essential accessory of the season !

All the face covering Liberty masks

Poppy and Daisy Nude

Mitsi B

Maya Bleu Lys

Wiltshire Nausicaa

Double Gaze Liberty Ciara


Other Liberty fabrics

The range of possibilities is limitless. Creativity is endless.
Enter a creative space where the infinite possibilities are expressed in Liberty.
A range of quality materials to enable you to fulfil all your couture desires.

Coated Liberty's

Quilted Liberty's

Double cotton Gauze




Les Jerseys Liberty


Liberty ribbons

It's often the details that make all the difference.
A fanciful neckline, a gloved hem, a colourful detail, a woven jewel,...

Discover the most beautiful Liberty ribbons: bias, piping, spaghetti cords, trimmings.
To take care of your finishing touches for your sewing projects with the elegance of Liberty patterns.

Liberty Bias binding

Liberty piping

Liberty spaghetti cords

Liberty Trimmings

Liberty of the Week

From the 8th to the 15th of june, Edie Daisy is at 21,90€ !

Liberty of the week
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