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Liberty Quilted Fabric - 9009 Wiltshire - Automne

Discount on quantities from 0 to 1.99 m : EUR/m 59.90 from 2 to 2.99 m : EUR/m 55.90 from 3 to 90 m : EUR/m 54.90
To receive the discount, the quantities may be obtained by ordering items of the same quality but having different patterns and colours.
Item nr 0001 5829 Quality 11 0505 - Liberty Quilted Fabric Design 9009 - 9009 Wiltshire Colorway C - Automne Material info
 100% Coton recto ET verso - Ouatine en 100% Microfibres
Width 137 cm (+/- 3 %) Weight 331 gr/m² - 453 gr/m.l. (+/- 3%) Show complete description
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