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Collection U N E


Collection U N E - Dolce Vita

Discover the sweetness of life with the new U N E - Dolce Vita collection.

A real sunny escape, delicate, light and carefree, let yourself be carried away by the sea breezes and the warm embrace of the sun with this new wave of silky cotton.

A seductive and dreamy tarantella that will turn hearts and minds.

Discover the new Mirabelle, Libellule, Alpha, Anodine, Kwiat, Alizea patterns and the 4 new colour harmonies.

Discover U N E Dolce Vita

Anodine Solar
Alizea Sunset
Mirabelle Solar
Biais et Cordon Dolce
Libellule Mediterranean
Florie Sunset
Mercerie Dolce
Mirabelle Sunset Nude
Florie Mediterranean
Tricot Pur Coton
Libellule Tropical
Kwiat Tropical
Tricot 5mm Dolce
Alpha Sunset
Florilège Solar
Alpha Mediterranean

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The U N E Collection - Allure

Gracefully, we suggest an elegant ballet waltzing through vegetal to mineral in four colours of shades carefully chosen.

A breeze of new patterns, lifting up with it two successful drawings, blows on this new edition : Jaspe, Cléa, Laurale, Hespérides, Quartz, Mahonia, Roseau and Florie in a mini version.

Carefully designed with a sustainable philosophy of a responsible quality, the Allure edition is printed in France and labelled OEKO TEX.

Smooth and soft, this fabric distinguishes itself by a surprising lightness and suppleness for a 100% cotton textile.
Born from the union of a thread of superior quality and of a very specific weaving, the result is a “suave” hand and a fibre with a delicate structure presenting fine and discreet oblique sides.
A real delight to touch, the caress cotton is easy to work and will suit also beginner dressmakers.

Match your sewing projects with different fabrics, knitted, quilted, mini teddy suedines, knits for sweatshirts and the matching haberdashery.

The U N E Allure page

Mini Florie Millet
Tricot Côtes 5mm
Chemise Hespérides Millet
Cléa Millet
Hespérides Cayenne
Robe Mahonia Cayenne
Matelassé Bambou Florie Mahonia
Chemisier Quartz Bambou
Robe quartz Cayenne
Laurale Cayenne
Robe Quartz Millet
UNE Allure Fil
Mailles Sweatshirts Cayenne
Robe Jaspe Cayenne
Suédine Mini Teddy
Short Mahonia Bambou

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The U N E Collection - Origin

A unique and feminine collection made of vanilla, coral, mint, rose, marine.

18 fabrics in pure cotton printed in France and labelled OEKO TEX, nonfigurative patterns with sweet names, Céleste, Hespérides, Aloha, Florie, Zéphyr, Pétales, Ribambelle and Florilège.

Light and soft, they will allow you to sew blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, scarves... and why not a summery men's shirt ?

Match them best with pure wool knitted fabrics, knitted pure cottons,corozo buttons and the U N E haberdashery.

U N E origin page


Robe Florie Menthe

Hespérides Menthe Pêche

Robe Hespérides Menthe Pêche

Mailles Sweatshirt Rose

Pétales Rose Marine

Chemisier Florie

Bouton Corozo

Robe Ribambelle

Robe Florie

Maille pur laine

Maillot UNE Hespéride

Passepoil UNE

Mailles sweatshirt Menthe

Gilet maille pur laine rose florilège


Chemisier Zéphyr

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