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When temperature rise, we happily swap warm fibres and winter cuts for lighter clothing.

On sunny days are best friends are absorbing fabrics that regulate body temperatures.

For summer comfort and well-being for the whole family, we present to you the linen range.

Smooth linen cloth

Smooth linen cloth is made of two different couloured threads and gives the texture of the fabric a nice "grainy" look.

This fine linen frabric softens after washing. Smooth, soft and supple, it's suitable for sewing dresses, trousers, tops, light jackets..

All the smooth linen

Washed linen

Extraordinarily soft and supple !

This soft and comfortable fabric can be used for dresses, tops and trousers.

Don't hesitate to give the models a little fullness to enjoy a beautiful drape.

All the washed linen

Les lins-viscoses lavés


Aged linens

Aged linen weaved in Belgium with the best threads of long linen fibres.
The fabric is strong and compact. For straight or A-line dresses.
Elegant summer jackets for men or ladies.
Also ideal for decoration uses : curtains, cushions..

All the aged linens

Pure ramie cloths

Ramie looks a lot like linen, but twice as resistant.
The fabric drys quickly and is very soft to wear in summer..

This pure ramie is weaved in a cloth of a beautiful drape, perfect for trousers, dresses, jackets and skirts.

All the pure ramie cloths

Fine linens

A pure fine linen, woven tightly.
The fabric is smooth, it holds without being stiff.
A nice feeling, fresh and soft.

All of the fine linens

Linen batiste

Weaved in the finest threads, this batiste is light, slightly see-through, smooth and soft.

Perfect for tops, shirts, ample lightweight dresses.

Black linen batiste

Les autres linsOther linens

Stripped, textured, inducted, discover an astonishing variety of linen !

The other linens

Linen for tablecloths

A blend of linen and polyester, an alliance of a beautiful aparence with an easy upkeep.

Ideal for tablecloths, this fabric can be washed at 60°C and dryed in the drying maching.

It can also be used for curtains and cushions.

All of the poly-linen

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