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Our linen boutique

Linen is a vegetal fibre with a very special characteristic, it’s a thermal regulator : isolating head in winter and lightweight in summer.
Great for blouses, dresses, trousers and shirts.
Discover our collection of linen, fine, mixed, ramie linen, tweed linen, embroidery linen, cloth linen…

Linen fields

Lin Cloth

Discover our linen cloth

The linen cloth consists of two threads of different colours and gives the fabric a lovely grainy effect. Smooth, soft and supple : ideal for dresses, trousers, light jackets..

Fines toiles de Lin

Toile pure Ramie

Lin mélangé 160 cm

Lin mélangé 230 cm

Lins à l'ancienne

Batistes de Lin

Other Linen

Tweed de Lin & Lin Lurex

Fine toile de Lin ajourée et brodée