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Knit Fabrics


Knits to sew sweatshirts

A selection of fabrics from which you can sew sweatshirts, hoodies, jogging pants, dresses, caps...

And cotton knittted ribs that will help you finish nicely.

Les sweatshirts extra

Sweatshirts extra

Les tricots pur coton

Pure cotton knits

Les sweatshirts scintillants

Fleecy sparkling sweatshirt

Les bords côtes

Cotton knitted ribbings

Les bords côtes 2x2

Cotton knitted ribbings

Knits for striped clothing

Stripes, the timeless elegance and simplicity of lines.
An essential wardrobe design, the lined pattern can be worn by everyone and at any age.
You will find them in a variety of materials, each adapted to your desires and your style.

Stretch cotton: a cotton jersey with good stretch for perfect comfort, which you can use in short or long-sleeved t-shirts, leggings, pyjamas, summer dresses or skirts, light shorts, etc.

Stretch viscose: a soft and supple version of the lined fabric, very comfortable to wear. Perfect for sewing flowing tops, wrap-arounds, bodysuits, dresses, flowing and loose-fitting trousers, shorts, pyjamas,...

Mailles Marinière


Milano knits: a knit with hold and slight stretch that you can use for garments that require a fabric with consistency yet soft and comfortable. Very easy to sew with a stretch stitch, it can be used for dresses, trousers, bodysuits, skirts, light jackets, shorts..

Summer sweatshirts: a cotton knit with a very light loop on the back; soft and comfortable to wear. Its texture and lightness will be perfect for summer garments that require a lot of hold: sweatshirts, dresses, shorts,...

Les jersey cotons stretch

Cotton stretch jersey's

Les viscoses stretch

Viscose stretch jersey's

Les mailles Milano

Milano stretch knitted fabrics

Les sweatshirts d'été

Summer sweatshirts

Knits for sewing sweaters

Fabrics for sweaters, vests, winter dresses, winter caps

Les tricots côtes 5mm

Knitted ribbed fabrics

Les mailles moelleuses

Knitted soft fabrics

Les mailles pure laine

Pure wool knitted fabrics

Les mailles laine et coton

Wool & cotton knitted fabrics

Les mailles côtelées épaisses

Double cotton knitted fabrics

Les Mailles Jacquard

Organic cotton Jacquard jersey

Knits for comfourtable clothing

Comfortable fabric, comfortable model

Fabrics to relax nicely and elegantly from which you can sew sweaters, vests, coats, trousers, covers...

Les teddysoft


Les teddydoux


Les mailles velours milleraies stretch

Knitted fabrics - baby cords

Les jersey de velours

Nicki fabrics

Les minky

Plush fabrics - Minky Minkee

Knits for t-shirts

Some fabrics with which you can sew t-shirts with long or shorts sleeves, tank tops, bodys, supple and thin trousers, light dresses...

Liberty Fabrics Capel B

Pure organic cotton jersey's

Liberty Fabrics Betsy A

Stretch jersey's

Liberty Fabrics Eloise D

Pure combed cotton jersey's

Liberty Fabrics Proposal B

Bamboo jersey's

Liberty Fabrics Capel B

Sparkling knitted jersey's

Liberty Fabrics Betsy A

Viscose jersey supersoft

Liberty Fabrics Eloise D

Silk jersey's

Liberty Fabrics Proposal B

Jersey's with patterns

Knits for dresses

Fabrics with you can sew comfourtable and elegant dresses, skirts, trousers...

Masque Poppy and Daisy Nude

Milano knitted fabrics

Les velours lisse stretch

Velvet smooth stretch

Les mailles côtelées fines et moyennes

Smooth knitted fabrics
thin and thick

Knits for swimwear

A selection of fabrics for swimwear or sportsgear.


Liberty Fabrics Enduit


Liberty Fabrics Matelassé


Liberty Fabrics Double Gaze

Liberty swim

Knits for coats and jackets

A selection of fabrics from which you will be able to sew coats, jackets, bags...

Jersey Matelassé BIO

Quilted Organic jersey's

Jersey Matelassé

Quilted jersey's

Les polaires microfibre

Microfibre polars

Les polaires de coton

Cotton polar's

Laine bouillie

Boiled wool

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