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Fabrics for the bath & the beach


  • Terrycloth

    One of the best qualities of terrycloth fabric, thick and mellow, 100% cotton, a classic !

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  • Terry velour cotton & bamboo

    Soft and mellow : our terry velour cotton & bamboo.
    For sewing XXL bath towels, comfortable bathrobes, for kids and parents !

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  • Waffle piqué

    100% cotton, all of the delicate and traditional embossing of the waffle piqué.
    For sewing bath towels, bathrobes, decoration for bathrooms, accessories for children.

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  • Terrycloth bamboo

    A terrycloth fabric of an exceptional softness ! Mellow and very absorbent. For bathrobes, towels, wipes…

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  • Waffle piqué stars

    A double weaving, in pure cotton and a pattern in the slightly waffled fabric. For plaids, bathrobes, sleeping bags…

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  • Liberty Biais

    To add a colour finishing to your clothing and bath accessories.

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* Stragier's tutorial *

We give you all the tips necessary to create this big round towel with fringed outskirts.

How to cut a sizeable circle ? A huge round towel that will pleasure all the family for a pick-nick or to sunbath on the beach, it’s quite easy to make :

serviette ronde


Etape 1

Prepare a square piece of fabric : a 1.40m by 1.40m for example.
Fold the fabric in four.

Etape 2

Cut a long length of cord and make a knot on one of the edges.
Tie the string to the folded corner of the fabric, with a safety pin, by stitching in the knot made in the string.

Etape 3

On the other edge of the string, tie a marking tool for fabrics.
Ideally, when the string is tight it’s a little shorter than the fabric.

Etape 4

Use the sting as a compass to draw a circle on the fabric.

Etape 5

Pin the four layers of fabric together a little inside the circle.

Etape 6

Cut the four layers of fabric together by following your markings.

Cercle et bords

There you have it ! a nice circle that you will be able to finish the edges with some :
- Some biais
- Some fringes
- Some braids

For the curls

Terry cloths are made of curls which will be happy to go on a trip when you cut your fabric. To avoid having them everywhere, here is a little tip: Cut your pieces with lifting them as less as possible if not at all. Unpin your pins without moving the fabric too much.
Take your towel gently and go out, far, far, far.
Shake your towel vigorously outside so that the cut curls can regain their freedom, elsewhere than in your living room.

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