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Printed viscose collection

Made from cellulosic fibres, viscose is supple, light and fluid.

Perfectly suited towards a feminine wardrobe, to sew blouses, skirts, dress, summer pants, well drapped models…

If this fabric is more supple than cotton, this fibre has a comparable comfort. Warm in winter and cool in summer, ideal for spring and summer clothes as well as sensitive skins.

Fine, it’s slightly see-through. We recommend picking a dark colour or lining models that need opacity.

Washing instructions ; wash the viscose at 30°C or 40°C. This fabric can go in the dryer. However before cutting your fabric, keep in mind that it will slightly shrink after the first wash.

Les viscoses imprimées




Thigmo Kaki

Javanese viscose Leo Tuly

Javanese Viscose Multi Leo

Viscose Twill Ariosti

Tencel Twill Ponjay


Tips & tricks

Who says « fine viscose » says « fleeing fabric »..
Don’t panic, with these few tips, it won’t slip from you again.

Taming fleeing fabrics :

  • Starch the fabric so it will be easier to work.
  • Use new long and thin needles.
  • Mark your fabric with a soft textile pen or chalk.
  • Cut your pieces with a rotary cutter.
  • Pin your pieces twice so they do not fall.
  • Pin the viscose with a 70 Microtex needle.