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Stylist Issey Miyake said that a garment made with a pleated fabric gives the ability of the one who wears it to participate in the creation of the clothing.
The body meets the volume of the fabric.
Pleats, rhythm, shadows and light come to life in a different way every time, like a new encounter.

We are proud to present our new collection of pleated fabrics.

This supple and crease-resistant batiste was weaved in a microfiber of unequalled quality.Thanks to that, the pleats are permanent.
You can wash it, let it dry out for a couple of hours and it will regain all of its structure and rhythm.

Box pleats

The pleated fabrics are available in the form of box plisses of 75cm or 150cm of height.
The length of the boxes, pleats closed is 83cm. (250cm open).

Panneaux plissés Corail

Coral pink

Panneaux plissés Rouge


Panneaux plissés Rouge cerise

Cherry red

Panneaux plissés Orange Corail

Coral orange

Panneaux plissés Orange sienne

Sienna orange

Panneaux plissés Safran


Panneaux plissés Jaune citron

Lemon yellow

Panneaux plissés Ivoire


Panneaux plissés Powdery Pink

Powdery Pink

Panneaux plissés Beige naturel

Natural beige

Panneaux plissés Kaki


Panneaux plissés Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Panneaux plissés Marine


Panneaux plissés Noir


Other specific advantage of our pleats : the bottom edge of each box is finished with a rolled drone, which greatly helps the creation of hems since they are already made !

Skirts, pants, dress, blouses, bags, there are so many possibilities…


Creations & examples

Réalisation Robe


Réalisation Jupe


Réalisation BlousetteRose

Creation by Blousetterose

Tips & tricks

How to fix the pleats in the fabric ?

To avoid struggling with the opening of the pleats, you can fix these closed.

To do so, stick bands of sticky tape (cut in two in order of the length) on the batiste, just next to your future sewing.
You will be able to fold, to pin on and sew comfortably the pleated fabrics.
However, be careful, sticky tape does not like the iron !

You can also, tack the folds in place with some tracking thread; always on the side of your future sewing.

Fixer les plis