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Tartans 100% Natural Materials

Traditionally a Scottish Fabric, tartan in it’s origins was a wool sheet where different lines of colour would intersect. Each Scottish clan had it’s own Tartan: The mackenzie’s, the Buchanan’s, the Steward’s…

If the battle of Cullodent sounded the end of the clans, the Tartan has survived throughout history, to be today, an essential trend.

At Stragier, you will find the traditional patterns of Scottish Tartans set on 100% naturel materials, giving you the opportunity to explore all the sewing project possibilities that you could imagine.

Chemise en flanelle



Pure wool tartans


Pure wool tartans are woven in the best threads of combed wool.
They are soft and enjoyable to wear but also to work on. A nice drape that does not crease.

You can use them to sew jackets, coats, dresses, kilts, skirts, shorts, handbags..

Diana Rose

Memorial Tartan


Elliot Modern

Scotland Forever Modern

Stewart Dress Modern

Campbell Dress Ancient

Holyrood Modern

Thomson Grey

Thomson Camel Modern


Tartan checks cotton flannel


A speciality in the most purest of traditions with extra softness !
The drape of a wool flannel, with the touch and softness of cotton. One side is fluffy while the other is smooth, to let you choose your favourite side !

Recommended for trousers, onesies, coats, shirts, dresses, skirts, pyjamas, linings and kilts !

Mackenzie Dress Modern

Holyrood Modern

Clark Ancien

Patriot Weathered

Thomson Camel

Stewart Royal Modern

Christie Modern

Lamont Ancient

Buchanan Ancient

Highland Rose


Tartan checks cotton poplin


One of the finest qualities of thin cotton displaying traditional Scottish patterns in a reduced size.
Woven with threads of the same colour as the flannels, these poplins can be used to sew shirts, pyjamas, light clothing, linings, curtains, bed ornaments…

Clark Ancient mini

Lamont Ancient mini

Buchanan Ancient mini

Christie Modern mini

Steward Royal Modern mini

Patriot Weathered mini

Mackenzie Dress Modern mini

Holyrood Modern mini

Thompson Camel mini

Highland Rose mini







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