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- Illustrious Illustrations on Fabulous Fabrics -
"The project"

It all started in 2015.
I wanted to put together the unique know-how of our house to the service of a unique project that would gather the best qualities of fabrics with the most beautiful drawings.
Before being a company project, it was a human project to share themes that are close to my heart; art, culture and sewing regrouped in one and only philosophy.
The experience of our familial house in the elaboration of fabrics was going to be a precious asset.

First, we had to find the raw materials that would be used to weave or knit the fabrics for this project.
For the cotton, I wanted to use Gossypium Barbadense one of the finest varieties!
To weave the fabrics, we need threads from this cotton prepared as we wanted :a spinning frame helped us create the perfect thread. The first steps were accomplished.
Then came the long process of creating the quality of the fabrics.
Weaving trials, quality verifications, improvements, new tests…

Two years later, the raw fabrics were ready to be woven, the creation of the drawings could start…


"Childhood memories"


My childhood was rhythmed by the stories told by my parents and my grandparents.
There were small amazing stories invented by my father before bedtime and more traditional tales from child books.

Among these telling’s, still hanging in my memory, there was a particular space for Peter Rabbit, Nutkin squirrel and all their friends, imagined and beautifully illustrated by Beatrix Potter!

The characters were so finely drawn, plants and flowers elegantly reproduced, mesmerizing landscapes… that was the trigger… Beatrix Potter’s illustrations would be the first inspiration for the collection “Illustrious Illustrations on Fabulous Fabrics”. In October 2017, the artistic adventure began!

Gathering artwork and sketches from the British naturalist author, following up the work with a particular elaboration of the drawings for the fabrics. A long and meticulous job. Each final drawing was composed of a multitude of details from the original illustrations of Beatrix Potter, associated together to create a new composition!

In September 2018, comes out the first part of the exclusive collection of Beatrix Potter Fabrics created by Stragier.

I wish you to have as much happiness to sew them and to see them being worn as we had, my team and myself, by creating them!

Nicolas Stragier

"One theme, three drawings, three textures"


Marshmallow Knit


Nil Lawn


Pure Cotton Twill



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