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Our advice for picking your fabrics

Picking the right fabrics for a wedding dress? An art and an expertise that we love to share with you.

Les tissus pour robes de mariée Stragier

Helping you choose

That day, you will walk towards those arms that have been waiting for you, you will try to avoid flying rice grains, you will flutter between your loved ones, you will sit down with your eyes and heart filled with emotion, you will share the first dance... you will live an unforgettable day.

How will your dress flow, unfold and highlight you? How will it look, how will it fall, how will it move?

Our fabrics are unique and each one corresponds to a specific drape, stance and precise flow.

To help make your choice easier, we have grouped our fabrics into several illustrated categories.

Consider the illustrations of the different styles to choose the fabric category that best matches your dream dress.

The final choice will then depend on the material you prefer, the reflection you want, the shade of white, etc.

Stragier's wide range of fabrics makes it easy to choose. You will find the right fabric for every model.

Les tissus pour robes de mariée Stragier

Perfect shades of white

While designing a wedding dress, it's essential to be able to match different shades of white with the various materials that will make up the dress.

We have developed a reference tool that will allow you to match our shades of white in complete serenity, from the coolest optical white to the warmest vanilla.

Les tissus pour robes de mariée Stragier

At Stragier, we develop our own shades. Each of these has a name and an even number, from the lightest to the strongest: 10, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24.

Each of our fabrics is also calibrated and numbered for its shade of white. This calibration makes it much easier for you to achieve perfection in the assembly of the different fabrics that will make up your model.

On our online store :

  • Two fabrics with the same shade numbers can be combined.
  • If you pick two close numbers (18 and 20 for example) the match will be harmonious.
  • In the case of a translucent fabric, the gap can even be of two numbers, because the more translucent it is, the better it will take on the surrounding colours. (For example, you could combine a fine Chantilly lace in colour 16 with a silk crepe in colour 20).
Delicate fabrics for wedding dresses

Our fabrics in your hands

Do you need to see and touch our fabrics before making your decision ?

For each fabric, you have the possibility to order :

  • A sample. (two formats are available, we recommend samples in the format of 15cm by 20cm.)
  • A small order of fabric of 30 or 50cm in order to visualise the drape of the fabric.

As you order your fabrics, they are carefully prepared, packaged and sent safely.

laces for your wedding dress
Laces to edge out your wedding dress

Tailored assistance

Would you like to be guided and receive advice remotely by e-mail or during a telephone meeting?

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